2009-04-21 08:08:34 by RAWowner333

For those who care to read:

Enrichment Center:
We saw this as an opportunity to test the waters in Flash. We didn't know much of Actionscript when we started, but we longed to learn more. This goal for this game was try out some different actionscript code, but nothing complex yet. We see this game as a success, we learned alot in the process of making this game. We know it's simple, and we know it's not perfect, but we got the job done.

Next game:
Since the completion of the beta for the Enrichment center, actionscript 3.0 came out. So once again, we wanted to try that out. The process in making this game was a huge headache, like when things just suddenly stopped working without editting it. It was a pain, but now, it's almost done, and hopefully will be up this year.

thank you